ERP Software for Construction

ERP Software for Construction

Unbelievable ERP software for the construction sector takes to the skies with Avantech Web Grid. With the software in place, minute details associated with the construction sector can be monitored such as budget, staff, subcontractors, building materials & Human resources.

ERP for construction - The need !

The point to be noted here is that the construction sector has changed a lot & the way the activity is carried out. Back then it was more of a labour oriented activity with people hailing from rural backgrounds were employed in harsh conditions with no system to look after their wages, nor monitor the raw materials being stocked thus leaving a wide scope for dubious records.

The software gives a picture of the profitability related to the project. With the bustling construction activity taking place, there are challenges associated with it , especially the budget. We are happy that we could do our part as the construction ERP software partner.

  • Advantages of our ERP software for Construction

  • Architecture of the Construction ERP software by our excellent & powerful team at Avantech Web Grid.
  • Predicting the cost of the project & allocating the budget accordingly is another goodie.
  • Staff scheduling & job allocation can be performed with a single click.
  • Monitoring equipment, tools & machinery is now possible.
  • The software is developed with thorough testing.
  • Can be implemented for any construction project, anywhere with staff allocation.
  • Possibility doesn’t exist to manipulate the order of raw materials or data.

Our delighted clients namely : Srihi Infra Private Limited & Engineers Associates Private Limited often tell us how beneficial this ERP software for real estate has been for them. So, just discuss with us & turn this complex business into a simple one with Avantech Web Grid- the Software solutions company which is ready to serve you.


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