ERP for Schools

ERP for Schools

With quality education being the priority, there has been a massive surge in the number of educational institutions, especially in India. This has added a tremendous load on both the administration & students. Avantech Web Grid gives you the benefit of our ERP software for education institutions (schools, colleges, engineering colleges etc) that makes it easy to conduct the typical admin based tasks.

Avantech Web Grid as emerging educational ERP software provider for schools & colleges would like to present you with the key features of our software :

  • Data can be stored & viewed in digital format.
  • Lessons & curriculum can be planned.
  • Visitor management
  • Student performance indicators such as assignments, grades & activities can be monitored. Mark sheets too can be viewed..
  • Need for a conventional attendance system replaced by school ERP.
  • Leaves can be monitored.
  • Scope of integrating more modules such as Library, transport, HR management & more.
  • The recruitment of Teaching staff / faculty can be carried out online.
  • Excellent user interface.
  • Emails & SMS can also be sent.
  • The data is secure.

With such a supreme product, our ERP software for schools is certainly a boon for education institutions. If you have one, then you absolutely need to integrate this ERP for excellent delivery of services for both students, parents, teachers & the education management.


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