ERP Software for Small Businesses

ERP Software for Small Businesses

Avantech Web Grid feels delighted to have come up with the unique ERP software intended for small business. There are challenges tagged with small businesses as well such as operations, staff, sales, payroll related & therefore that one special ERP to mitigate such scenarios lies with us. We understand that setting up a small business for the long term is your dream, but an ERP system for small business can greatly make a difference. An ERP for small business is easy to integrate & use since business owners often consider it to be complex, which is not true.

  • What our ERP for small business has to offer

    • A small business needs more support & our ERP promotes their growth.
    • Our ERP software for small business is budget friendly, hence no strain on daily business activities.
    • All important modules such as payroll, HR, accounts can be facilitated from this single software.
    • Small businesses can track the profit margin & customer reports.
    • Marketing & sales improves.
    • Your small business gets a chance to go paperless
    • You have access to real time reports.
    • Better employee interaction is observed.
    • Cloud based storage without the need for on-site server installation, thus reducing your cost.

    Avantech Web Grid suggests aspiring & existing small business owners to get this unique functionality that would ultimately save you from future glitches & unwanted strain in regards to your business.


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