Manufacturing ERP

Manufacturing ERP

Avantech Web Grid has been crafting ERP software for manufacturing sectors & also has been coming up with new & productive IT based solutions for the betterment of businesses. A business can also involve manufacturing. Did you know that manufacturing is a process of converting raw materials into finished goods, either completed manually or by machines? The ERP software manufacturing blends perfectly well into the businesses & assists in their planning, lowering the unwanted expenses thus enhancing the productions in a timely manner.


For example in India, entrepreneurship is speeding up & with that has emerged a need to optimise the cost & provide an excellent product to the customer, which is possible by this innovative software. Once the software is embedded, you would be surprised with the technology.There is this misconception that the manufacturing ERP is specifically oriented towards big firms, which is not the case. The aim of this ERP is to make the entire production process simple in one place, hence even if you are a small or a mid-sized business owner you too can avail the benefits.

  • You must know that the manufacturing ERP also helps in :

  • Inventory
  • Raw goods
  • Product units
  • Supply chain
  • Overall business efficiency
  • Our ERP for manufacturing has features that are worth reading :

  • Inventory can be allocated with a great planning, stored & tracked.
  • It can also assist you in quality control strategies such as damaged goods or products & returns.
  • Order predicting & scheduling becomes easy thus minimising wastage.
  • This ERP can track & locate spare parts along with the status of the application.

If you are firm on setting up a production business unit, then you would greatly benefit from the ERP software for manufacturing from Avantech Web Grid. You can consider your business optimised.


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