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gym management software in india

Gym Management Software

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Gym Management Software

Imagine walking into the Gym one fine morning only to find that your important registers & papers are in a miserable state of affairs. It could be due to poor upkeep by the staff or also could be due to rodents in the premises. You do not want to take chances. As an owner of the Gym, you would certainly expect something utilitarian & easy to access, such as an excellent Gym Management software. Just Relax ! Close your Eyes, Take a Deep Breath & now, Open your eyes - Did you just see the “GymMan software”. Avantech Web Grid is Famous for their Innovative Ideas & this time we have put forward this super cool & user friendly Gym management software known as “GymMan” to make the life of Gym owners Peaceful. The app has won many hearts & is quite popular with the people of the same fraternity. Hosting this Gym management system via cloud hosting ensures that the data is secure & safe. The Application is designed to make the core business aspect of daily Gym schedule & management tidy in a digital format, thus reducing the need for the paperwork. There are more benefits to this application that we will walk you through :

gym management software in india

  • “GymMan” makes Enrollment & Registration of new members easy.
  • Attendance tracking of Members can be performed swiftly.
  • Notifies about Upcoming & Expiring membership data via SMS.
  • Membership form, Payment receipts are generated in no time.
  • Appropriate Seasonal Discount Coupons for customers can be generated.

  • Interactive Dashboard on the go.
  • Automatically adjusts according to the screen resolution on your device, hence can also be utilised from a mobile.
  • Sophisticated 128-bit key for Data Encryption & Decryption
  • Extra level of different Authentication factors for Verification
  • Data is Backed up automatically for easy retrieval in case of a system malfunction

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