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Bike & automobile auction application

This extraordinary application has been developed by us with attention to detail, quality & analysis that makes the acquisition of second hand two-wheelers & four-wheelers easy, leaving the users delighted.

Just imagine that you want to own a second hand vehicle (could be a bike or a car), but unable to find the right place, plus you are tied to time as well. Our application brings your heartbeat to its 60 beats per minute. It is easy. Just download the application, complete the quick OTP based verification & fill in your details & turn on your GPS. You are all set to bid & participate in the auction process, which is transparent & easy to understand.


With such a wonderful application that hosts superb quality vehicle brands, that spirit within keeps soaring every second. This application does not store your card details thus you can be at ease. Any transaction made is encrypted. To maintain a healthy bidding environment any strong language is quickly recognized & the user gets blocked.

As a user or a potential user / owner, you have access to great dealers, legit paperwork, clutter free bikes & cars. So tomorrow if you need a second hand bike or a car, you know where to land.


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