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Brilliant Audio and Video streaming application

We all love music videos & audios. What is more important is not to miss on the latest happenings in Tollywood, Bollywood, Hollywood, Kollywood and much more. This superb application is a great alternative to the popular streaming app that lets you stream, save, create and share your favourite audio/video on the go anytime, anywhere and uplifts your mood.

Whether you are travelling home after a day's work or just chilling with your friends, the power to reach out to your favourite songs and videos lies in your pocket. Even if the world renowned streaming app faces a downtime, you would still be in touch with this application that ensures you do not miss out on entertainment making use of the wifi or mobile data and simply plug in your headset.


A must have application on your smartphone, that is loaded with some irresistible features such as:

  • Your subscriptions
  • Watch offline
  • History
  • Notifications
  • Managing your Account
  • Adjust the video quality
  • Likes & dislikes
  • Your playlist

Music is a therapy and as an alternate app, you can make the best use of this superb application which has been exclusively made in India under the ‘make in India initiative”. Only by using it will you understand how useful the application is. Give it a try and feel the rhythm.


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