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Grocery & Commodity Purchase Application

How good it is when the local kirana store or your preferred supermarket can knock on your door. Shocked & delighted? Yes, when Avantech Web Grid makes your life uncomplicated in the form of a grocery app on your smartphone. It is just not a grocery application, rather it brings you the much needed satisfaction right at your doorstep.

This is just not about a grocery application, but it is the statement of ownership, confidence & the will to serve people. When we were approached by a couple who wanted to make the household & grocery purchase experience smoother, we were left amazed.

This essential application is highly beneficial for senior citizens who often find it difficult to walk & buy from the markets & is already gaining popularity amongst them. Let us explore some unique features :

  • Customers can mention the quantity along with their preferred store. Did you know that the delivery is made even for a single item.
  • Handwritten orders can be uploaded, by writing & uploading the photo.
  • Food products & essentials delivered undergo an expiry date check by the delivery staff before the product is picked up.
  • They even deliver pet food :)
  • All you need is a smartphone, enable location or enter manually, complete your selection, choose the preferred delivery schedule & WhatsApp them.
  • The delivery time ranges between 45-60 minutes.
  • Customers can also opt for special plans which are absolutely dirt cheap, with a lot of benefits.
  • Another fantastic feature is that the business owners have a dedicated fleet of delivery staff, so that they can be dispatched on short notice, hence saving time.
  • Only the MRP amount needs to be paid, nothing extra.
  • Taking entrepreneurship to new heights, you are always welcome to reach us for any android application of your choice.


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