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It was a pleasure working towards the development of this wonderful application, that aims at providing affordable & quality health care facilities to all sections of the society, especially to the rural areas. It feels immensely satisfying when business owners come up with such ideas that inturn gives us a chance to work for such a cause, since villages of India are of utmost importance as far as affordable health care is concerned. It was observed that people residing in rural areas & small towns lacked awareness related to hygiene , health & development. Falling sick, malnourishment & lack of special facilities for pregnant women were the primary concerns

With this excellent health & wellness application, an individual can meet a doctor, check their height & weight , expecting women can also benefit through this app , Vaccination pending & completed can be viewed , and can gain access to medical labs & reports.

Avantech Web Grid would be happy to develop similar applications & it is possible only when the society gains awareness about the importance of healthcare.


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