Offshore Software development

Offshore Software Development

What exactly does it mean?

Avantech Web Grid provides its services for offshore software development, where the owner or the manager of the project /product clubs hands with a third party company to foresee the development process. With an increase in competition to develop special projects & to minimise expenditure, the parent company benefits greatly by selecting a dedicated talent pool of developers & professionals from specific geographic locations such India & neighbouring countries, with a specific deadline to complete & deliver the project.

Whether it is for a mobile application or a website development, offshore software development can assist you to a great extent in terms of profits & also demographics for the ease of carrying out the business. A simple example - your parent company based in Srilanka (Country A) that deals with the production & packaging of tea & you want to hire a team from a country B (India, in this case) for developing a website for the tea manufacturer that includes data related to culture, people, business services etc. So, often a country which shares similar ideology & culture would be better able to understand the project. This entire system is chosen to cut down the cultural differences & boost the business without unnecessary costs.

offshore software development company in india
offshore software development company in india

You must be thinking how to make that perfect selection for getting a brilliant team for your project? Let us tell you that it is simpler than you think. All you have to do is create your business plan that includes goals & types of products followed by the location you desire to hire staff from along with your requirements if any. You are now good to go.

You can hire our expert & talented developers & get your software customised. Have some unique project in mind? Avantech Web Grid is your ideal offshore software development company in Hyderabad, where we truly adopt an anthem to make business uniform without any cultural jurisdictions.



We support all businesses - big & small. Depending on your project, our team is segregated.

The charges are based on hours & what you get ultimately is the best in the industry.

Avantech Web Grid warmly welcomes your ideas & our team would try their best to implement the stage- this depends on the development stage as well.

The tenure depends on the complexity of the project. Minimum time frame is 45 days. We keep our clients updated on a regular basis.


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