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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

A special form of online marketing where the users click on the ads that appear on webpages, which are posted by the advertisers. Again, this strategy works by making use of the keywords & bidding strategy. Pay per click (PPC) can also be used to increase sales & generate leads & it is usually used for short term marketing goals with results showing up in less time. PPC services are usually intended for small businesses.

  • Get your business a high ROI with PPC services

  • With us you do not need any fixed minimum investment. You are free to set your own budget & check suits you best.
  • A PPC service gives you the flexibility for a location based, demographic based or device based targeting.
  • We assist you in achieving the high quality store due to the great user experience on your website so that you barely pay towards the ads.
  • You get a better opportunity to reach out to specific clients & target audience.
  • Keyword search conducted by viewers can generate business ads even if you are expanding your business, thus making your product popular.
  • You get to indulge in reconnecting to old clients who previously visited your product through your website.
  • Results are quick using Google ads & bing ads

Avantech Web Grid as the emerging PPC service provider in Hyderabad encourages small business owners to opt for the SEM based marketing tool that ensures good return on investment (ROI) & it is a great way to launch your brand.



PPC stands for Pay Per Click, a unique form of digital marketing strategy on paid basis, wherein the advertiser needs to pay whenever a view or a customer clicks on the ads displayed.

Avantech Web Grid as the leading PPC service provider works specifically as per your brand. For more details you may call us & we will be happy to guide you.

Yes, SEM is a highly productive strategy where your business gets the much needed impression, valuable leads along with a good conversion percentage.

PPC services are unique marketing strategies. You can also speak to our staff for in-depth details.


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