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restaurant management system in hyderabad

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Avantech Web Grid caters to all genres of business & this is where our level of creativity is illustrated on a fresh page ready to fill with colours of technology & dedication. Computer Baba has been one of our special restaurant management software that has been developed after a thorough analysis of the present needs of a restaurant / cafe.

What has changed ?

There was a time when restaurants did not have a restaurant management system and this was the time when restaurants used to be a centre of social gathering & customers would often prefer the usual tea & samosa over the discussion, in a relaxed environment. But it was the cook or the owner who had to keep any eye on the tables available & check stock in the kitchen. Modern day restaurants deal with tremendous amounts of workloads & it is not just about the chaai or vada pav anymore. Restaurant managers, supervisors today are under stress to make the restaurant operations smooth on a daily basis. With enhanced lifestyle & access to quality outlets, keeping up to the customers expectations too has added more to the challenge. Special features of Computer Baba Restaurant management software

restaurant management system in hyderabad
restaurant management system in hyderabad
  • A simple to use restaurant order management application with a great design.
  • The powerful dashboard hosts a range of sections for managing order, reservations
  • Allows you to place & manage orders easily.
  • Occupied & Available seat lists can be monitored.
  • Kitchen manager can change the status to Accept or Prepared.
  • Helps keep a track of kitchen inventory
  • Customers can see the real time status of their order.
  • Table reservation can be accepted.
  • Access to general ledger, profits & loss records.
  • Ability to maintain employee details & their roles.

Hence, the overall day to day operations of the restaurant are carried out effectively in a digital form that can be used on all devices. As a leading provider of the restaurant management software in Hyderabad, Avantech Web Grid can get you a customised application for your cafe/restaurant too.


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