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The indispensable tally accounting ERP software now available with Avantech Web Grid has come to the rescue of the accounts section. The latest version of tally is the PRIME version that caters to large & big industries, and also meets their ever growing need for a complete business & account management software. Did you know that Tally software has been developed in India?

As the prime & next generation software development company, Avantech Web Grid has another feather added to its cap as an authorised partner for the distribution of latest version of Tally software. Tally ERP can manage multiple companies in one ledger. Managing payables & receivables become smooth. What you get from Avantech Web Grid is an authentic Tally ERP software & only one unique licence per customer to maintain the integrity of the product.


What you get from Avantech Web Grid is an authentic Tally ERP software & only one unique licence per customer to maintain the integrity of the product. It takes tremendous amounts of hard work & dedication to come up with such a marvellous piece of product that has been welcomed by companies throughout India.

You enjoy more freedom to carry out your daily business with our easy to use version of Tally ERP 9 known as ‘Tally On Cloud’. With this version, you can now have access to your data from anywhere at any time on any device thus, adding more to your business.

  • Extras :

  • Your data is secure due to cloud security.
  • Performance is ramped up.
  • Downtime is negligible.
  • One can work remotely.
  • Cost efficient.
  • Less maintenance.
  • In Store for you :

  • Suits small & medium businesses as well.
  • Interest calculated automatically.
  • Now supports the GST feature.
  • Informative dashboard.
  • Superior product for a wonderful integration.

As a powerful software for accounts & business management, Tally Prime now is available in 3 exclusive edition :

1.Tally Silver

Gives you the freedom to effectively manage your business effectively. Tally Silver can be activated & used only on one system at a time. You also have the option to upgrade to the Gold package of Tally.

2. Tally Gold

This special tally edition can be activated on one system but can be used on multiple systems on the same network. It can support close to 10 identities at a time.

3. Tally Prime Server

Did you know that the tally prime server edition is bundled with some unique features? Now, transactions can be saved, companies can be loaded by multiple users, reports can be exported & printed, obtain a backup with a nil scope of downtime. Not only does this server edition allow you to monitor the user activities, it also presents you with an excellent reliability factor where you can record transactions even when you are taking a backup, without decreasing the efficiency of the software. So, with Avantech Web Grid you can blindly obtain your own Tally Prime software for your establishment. The passion for quality keeps driving us to bring you the latest softwares & applications for your business. Get Tally, just happily.


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