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Vizter (Visitor Management System)

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Vizter (Visitor Management System)

Highly advanced software known as Vizter is another accomplishment by Web Grid. Vizter primarily is the Visitor management software that is used to carry out the check-in process of the visitors where movement of guests is monitored for making the entire area secure & organised. In simple terms, it is also known as the gate pass management system. This is widely seen in dense High rise societies, Individual Residential layouts, Important Cultural & Heritage centres, Official buildings & others. This Visitor management system makes it easy to keep a track of the visitor movements thereby reducing stress & the need for extra staff. The entire procedure is streamlined for a smooth functioning. Mobile numbers of the guests / visitors are authenticated by means of OTP, to ensure that the mobile numbers are genuine. Managing visitors was never this easy by implementing unique digital means , just with a tap on the screen, without stationing any additional staff.

visitor management system development
visitor management system development

    You Would Certainly be Keen to Know More About this Tool.

  • Self registration using the DIY(Do it yourself) Tablet
  • Faster check-in with this new application
  • To avoid any scope of dodgy mobile numbers, OTP based authentication is carried out
  • Special badges for visitors can be printed out in no time, if needed.
  • Now capturing the visitors photo is easy that can be easily stored on vizter cloud
  • Scope for additional custom visitor data field
  • Hosts receive instant notifications when the visitor registers themselves at the Vizter terminal.

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