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Trendy way of marketing your product & business through WhatsApp messenger application is known as WhatsApp marketing. This popular messaging app has taken the people by storm where over 90 % of the global population pay attention to their notifications & also the open rate is huge. Moreover, for certain economies like India- which is growing at a rapid rate, WhatsApp has evolved as the preferred way to carry out businesses. Even small stores prefer this form of marketing.

Avantech Web Grid as the leading WhatsApp marketing service provider in Hyderabad, welcomes you & your business with our excellent & talented team who ensure that your business reaches the defined mark as a long term goal.

  • Let us quickly shed some light on the benefits of using WhatsApp marketing for your business :

  • Whatsapp marketing gives you ample opportunity to get connected to your customers. You can craft special messages for them such as on functions & parties, through which customers feel welcomed. Hence, your brand makes an entry softly.
  • If you already own a website for your business, then it is an excellent idea to display your WhatsApp contact number there & it works like a magic, enhancing the sales.
  • When you adopt a WhatsApp marketing agency, you automatically cut down on the expenditure, since all you need is a smartphone with good wifi/data connectivity & ofcourse installing the WhatsApp messenger application. Also, you have the option to get a business version of this messenger.
  • Another benefit is that customers share your product link with friends & family. So you send once & your product keeps multiplying.

When you have so many options to choose from to portray your product & business, then what is stopping you from taking that one step? Avantech Web Grid has given a new form of life to many businesses & brands over the years, as the emerging WhatsApp marketing service provider in Hyderabad, India.



It involves spreading & sharing your brand through a social media application called WhatsApp, that can be downloaded & installed on your smartphone for free.

It is one of the most preferred forms of marketing. You can share your product with the target audience as a pdf or a video format. Also, you can manage this strategy anywhere just by using your smartphone.

With digitalisation, whatsapp has become the most loved social media app to increase sales & improve business. This app allows you to share, forward, view & create groups which regular messaging does not offer.

WhatsApp offers its special Business version of the same app that comes with extra features.


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