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How important is Content Writing

Content writing is a style of writing often used to highlight and create awareness about a brand. There are certain parameters involved that make the content effective and sweet.

Chat GPT & interaction: where have we landed?

Who would have thought that I, you and others would get a chance to interact with a chatbot who speaks like all of us. November 2022 saw a huge transformation.

Visiting Card - Just a piece of paper making connections

Visiting cards date back to the early 18th century and were once a mark of the rich, but now these cards have undergone a major transformation to lure more clients in 2022. Their journey and trends are worth noticing.

Digital Rupee - From paper to no-paper

Who would have thought that our beloved physical form of currency would be available in a digital version? This may sound confusing to some, but the digital rupee has many other advantages that will come to the forefront very soon.


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