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Skills required to become a backend developer

Skills required to become a backend developer

Welcome all tech and computer geeks to this new chapter of our special year end edition of our bloga-thon, where we will prepare a unique dish known as “ Backend developer skill dish”. You might have heard or read somewhere about this term - backend developer, but do you actually know what actually keeps getting coded? We’ll discuss it here.

The Definition

Just as the name suggests, that dedicated soul who stretches his spine every now and then, working for the skeletal framework of a website by smoking special codes far from everybody’s eyes, is known as a backend developer. It is easy to recognize them because they are deep logical thinkers, focussed, believe in debugging, talk less as the world is a huge database to them with API’s, only love their codes, scripts and the PC.

Not to mention, the scripting languages that are famous amongst these developers include Java script, SQL, Python and PHP

The next time you make a holiday reservation on a website, just don’t thank the stars, thank the loner backend developers who burned day and night to make the website function perfectly.

Where do these backend developers work?

Since the nature of these backend developers involves complex working hours, usually they are mostly freelancers or associated with mid to large size organisations

So what skillsets do these backend developers need?

A good understanding of the prospective / existing job role is crucial to ensure smooth operations with minimal wastage of resources. Similarly before taking up the role as a backend developer, one must have a good understanding of the subject along with the following skills :

  • First and foremost, excellent communication and interpretation skills.
  • A good understanding of frameworks.
  • Some sort of exposure to servers.
  • Practical exposure to data structures & algorithms
  • Preferred if they developers have previous knowledge of Java script, CSS, SQL, PHP & Python.
  • Logical, reasoning and implementation abilities.
  • Backend developers should have good knowledge of API’s (Application programming interface)

It’s Interesting! Isn’t it ?

For a backend developer, it’s just not a one day task where he just processes all that he/she has learnt over the period of time. Every single day is loaded with interesting challenges that gives these developers a chance to learn and implement more. You can call it a software job (as most people call it). There is this huge maze of scripts, gates, and logics that needs to be carefully put in their right place for the website to function without any glitches.

Views, customers don’t realise the hard work put in by a backend developer, since we as customer or consumers never ever give it a thought. Sometimes a website or a software has a severe problem and it is then that the backend developer opens up his/her full capabilities to combat that issue. Learning is interesting and if you are looking forward to making a career as a backend developer, then you must start your homework right now.

Wishing all prospective and existing backend developers all the best.

Hope you’ll love this special feature and get inspired from it.

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