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How To Keep Your Employees In Check During Work.

Get the real time attendance & also track the live location of your employees who are into sales & field based work. Did you know that this is a must have application that can save the misuse of company funds. Now you also get to know the time spent at a particular location by the staff. How cool is that! Get your own app now, Hurry.

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Need An App To Manage Your Restaurant?

Spoil yourself in 2022 with our superb & user friendly all in one restaurant management software, developed by Avantech Web Grid that allows to streamline the day to day functions involved in your cafe / restaurant & can give you the order status of the food, time left, stock & inventory, book & reserve tables, manage customer data & essential employee information.

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How To Select The Right Company To Develop Your Software?

Making a right choice for getting a software developed by a trustworthy software company not only establishes trust, you as a customer / client start relating to yourself just because the company feels closer to your heart due to the professionalism shown. Take some time, analyse your needs & then make a move.

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